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The Master’s Degree Program in Electrical Power Engineering provides students with fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience that put them in a better position on the increasingly competitive international job market. Students advance their knowledge in alternative energy, thermal engineering, automated electric drive systems, information security in industries.

The program is designed to meet the industrial needs connected with digital transformations in industries; it immerses students further into the principles of  iIoT and intelligent control systems and the prospects of their application to electromechanical complexes. Currently, the cost-efficiency of an energy project can be predicted by the mathematical algorithms used to model the development of electro technical equipment. Upon completion of this program, students get skills in FEM-based modeling of electromagnetic and thermal fields.

Even a quick look through the list of equipment used for the laboratory and practical tutorials let us conclude that classes are delivered at high level and foster technological advancement. Students are provided with the opportunity to apply theory to practice through internships and projects in the first, second and fourth semester of their studies.  To further develop personally and professionally, they are expected to work on their own research project, designed individually to meet the professional interests of every single student.

Regards, Director                                                                                
R. Husainov

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South Ural State University (SUSU) is a strategic partner of Tajic Technical University named after M.S. Osimi. The partnership activities are  carried out within three overarching tracks: short-term students’ mobility, professional development programs, PhD programs.

Both universities are the members of the USCO Energy Section (University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization). SUSU-NCEPU Power Engineering programs were first introduced at the USCO Energy Section meetings.

We do believe that South Ural State University is one of the leading Russian universities, which has made a positive contribution to constructing a national higher education brand for Russia in order to ensure the positional advantage of Russian education in a competitive environment of the global markets. SUSU has every right to take pride in its staff, quality of the educational programs, infrastructure, research and technologies. This is particularly evident when it comes to SUSU Power Engineering programs. SUSU integrates the cutting-edge research and applied learning in the following areas: renewable energy sources, distributed energy generation, energy-efficiency-aimed control algorithms, digitalization in industrial electronics, smart house systems and smart grids. Students are also given a chance to develop sustainable solutions in industrial heat power engineering, a more traditional energy field in Russia.

SUSU has been a home-away-from-home for international students for many years; its campus includes several dormitories, a huge library, a swimming-pool, gyms, summer and winter recreation camps, art galleries and museums meant to provide a comfortable learning environment for international students. The university delivers services necessary for international students to integrate into the local academic community and to feel at home.

SUSU labs allow students to gain first-hand experience. SUSU has built strong connections with industrial partners at the local, national and international levels. Emerson, one of the key players in the US market of industrial automation solutions, has launched a lab at SUSU.  The President of Emerson is the Head of the SUSU International Scientific Council. SUSU is a remarkable institution, which has demonstrated through words and deeds its firm intention to strive for perfection. The university has been consistently ranked as one of the top Russian universities. It is one of the participants of the Project ‘5-100’, the RF Academic Excellence Initiative.

We are reaffirming the bonds between our universities. We use the word ‘effective’ to talk about our cooperation and hope to continue our mutually beneficial dialogue as long as possible. We are convinced that SUSU is one of the best universities to better acquaint international students with the benefits of studying in Russia. It is also the university that contributed a lot to promoting cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan.

All this considered, SUSU Power Engineering programs are bound to be of the highest quality. We are sure they are very attractive for international students. This website will be one more brick to lay down a strong foundation for these worthy programs.

Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations
PhD in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering                                                     Mamadamon Abdulloev

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South Ural State University (SUSU) and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) have been partners for many years. The main areas of cooperation are joint research projects, students and staff academic mobility programs, joint research papers.

In 2016, the universities signed a double degree agreement for the master’s program “Optimization in Industrial Heat Power Engineering”. Since then the program has been successfully completed by 4 students – Aidana Arystan, Aisaule Tagelbaeva, Maria Krivkova and Elizaveta Valieva. Currently, SUSU is welcoming Madina Tuken who got enrolled on the program a year ago. At SUSU, the program was launched by the Department of Industrial Heat Power Engineering. In Kazakhstan the program is offered by the Department of Thermal Physics and Technical Physics.

Students of the double degree program get acquainted with the equipment and control systems in industrial heat power engineering, and develop skills needed in the era of digitalization. The results of the research projects are disseminated through the international conferences and research papers.

More than 30 students from Kazakhstan have taken part in SUSU-KazNU short-term academic mobility programs. They had a chance to broaden their knowledge and to learn how to operate and maintain the equipment from Grundfos, Samsung, Vaillant.

The program in Heat Power Engineering has proven its efficiency, and we hope to continue our cooperation.

Department of Thermal Physics and Technical  Physics PhD., Doctor of Sciences, Prof.
S. Bolegenova

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Сhina University of Petroleum

Сhina University of Petroleum has been a strategic partner of South Ural State University since 2017. Both universities are the members of WEUN, the USCO Energy section, ASRTU. In 2018, we launched a double degree Master’s program in Mechatronics and Control Systems. We have also organized a joint double degree program in Heat Power Engineering, which has proven to be attractive for students.
Students of the Heat Power Engineering program work on solutions for fuels, evaluate heat engineering projects, learn how to install, operate, and maintain the equipment from the leading European and Asian manufacturers and how to develop and test thermal control systems. In the course of study, students enrolled on the program cover thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, combustion technologies, sustainable heat power systems, industrial heat power systems design and control theory, cooling and refrigeration technologies, mass transfer and heat transfer, heat exchangers design etc. After the graduation students work for thermal power plants (Fortum), pollution control government organizations, for oil exploration and oil refinery companies, hydro-electric power plant. International experience provide students with leverage while negotiating employment terms.
One more advantage of the program is that it covers a wide range of topics – from control theory to alternative power generation. Students are encouraged to publish their papers in Scopus/Web of Science-indexed journals; teaching staff supervise their research and help students publish their papers. This might be regarded as a step into the academic world with its opportunities for exploration and discovery.
To sum up, we feel that SUSU Heat Power Engineering Program is a strong program providing students with great opportunities.

Rector, Zhang Leiben

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SUSU educational programs in Heat Power Engineering and Electric Power Engineering is a good chance to earn a master’s degree in one of the most important fields of modern life – in energy (thermal and electrical). This degree will prove to be a competitive advantage if  students choose to work in oil and gas sector, industrial and civic construction,  manufacturing, electrical and thermal stations, urban development. The skills acquired and the knowledge gained will definitely enhance students’ employability.

One of the strong points of the program is that students are almost constantly in touch with professors teaching in their field of expertise. Individual office hours as well as lectures and lab practices allow students to enter the job market with strength and greater sense of confidence. Students may disseminate the results of their research work publishing papers in Scopus/Web of Science-indexed journals, which gives some real-life experience with sharing your research ideas and improves the hiring prospects if you want to join the academic circles.

Taking into consideration 70 years of SUSU experience in teaching power engineering as well as the quality of the lab equipment, I would strongly recommend the programs to international students.

N.A. Larionov

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The Master’s degree program in Heat Power Engineering is dedicated to giving knowledge in thermal power which finally results in development of modern industrial technologies. Students are trained to cover certain areas of heat power engineering, electric power engineering, renewable energy, industrial communications and automated thermomechanical systems.

PC simulations and experimental learning are the methods widely applied for the program, and it helps students to acquire the skills that boost their competitiveness in the job market. The high quality of the program is the natural result of the extensive teaching staff expertise. The classes are taught by Professors and Associate Professors with PhD in energy studies.

I believe that one of the greatest advantages of the Heat Power Engineering program is a special training on how to operate and maintain the equipment used in the real-world of industries. For example, students learn how to work with Vaillant pump station collaboratively designed by Grundfos, Can and Reflex.

I would strongly recommend SUSU Heat Power Engineering Program to those students who are interested in thermal power.


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The educational program Heat Power Engineering was designed to prepare professionals in energy sector, construction, oil and gas sector, chemistry. Students gain knowledge in renewable energy, heat power engineering, and automated electric drive systems.

The program aims to meet the challenges of the contemporary society, such as digitalization of industries, foundations of automated system solutions in heat and gas supply. The modern projects connected with design of thermotechnical equipment are impossible to imagine without mathematical modeling, which helps to assess cost-effectiveness of a project. Upon completion of this program, students are able to simulate the temperature conditions for the heating processes in thermotechnical equipment, applying the finite element method for a heat conduction analysis.

I am sure that classes on calculation and mathematical modeling will equip the students of the program with valuable knowledge in heat power engineering, the knowledge they will be able to further apply for industries.

A.S. Gogolev

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North China Electric Power University (NCEPU)

South Ural State University (SUSU) is a strategic partner of North China Electric Power University, and we are proud to stay in partnership with SUSU, which has been displaying all the signs of fast and sustainable development for many years.

We do believe that SUSU has managed to create a distinctive institutional profile by building on existing strengths so that they could advance unique research projects that both address the needs of the region and seek solutions to the problems that confront the global society.

In 2017 SUSU and NCEPU launched a double degree educational program in Electric Power Engineering, and thus far it is one of the most successful educational programs for both universities. This program is really popular with the NCEPU students: the first intake (2017) was 15 Chinese students, intake- 2018 – 15 students, intake – 2019 – 20 students.

We believe and have an experience with our students that SUSU has highly professional academic staff and we know for sure that they educate students through a most innovative, transdisciplinary and problem-oriented learning.

We are convinced that SUSU power engineering programs are the top choice for students because: 1. The university is good – they do not only work  hard to  educate a new generation of leaders but they actually manage to make a great job of it, in terms of teaching as well as in terms of research. SUSU is highly engaged in interdisciplinary research; they are strong at distance learning technologies; they have organized a lot of amazing holidays of Russian language and culture in which our students participate; 2. The program is good (It includes most innovative classes in Power Engineering, Wind and Solar Energy, Heat Transfer, Thermal Energy,  Electric Drive, Energy Efficiency, Automation and Control Theory, Systems of Power Supply taught in English by such inspirational professors as Evgeny Solomin (expert for  the  7th EC Framework Program Horizon-2020 and for Russian Science Fund, professor with many patents in wind turbines, ex-CEO of several wind-turbines manufacturing companies ),  Sergei Gandzha (ex-director of Uralmet), Sergei  Aliukov (10 patents, more than 60 Scopus and Web of Science papers).  It allows students to work in such labs as Emerson Delta-V Automation and Control systems lab, Automated Electric Drive Lab, International Center of Alternative Energy. The educational program has already given rise to the scientific research – in spring 2019, Prof. Mina Guli  from NEPU visited SUSU to discuss thin film solar cells, and it might probably help generate more research. To ensure the quality of teaching, the university offers free extra foreign language classes for its faculty.

We are deeply committed to and look forward to working together for as long as we can. We do believe that SUSU in general and this program in particular could be of infinite service to Russian Ministry in order to advance knowledge and to drive innovative discoveries in the areas vital to your country in the years to come. We support SUSU Electric Power Engineering program, since SUSU is such a dynamic and inspirational university, since its staff is so professional and works so hard, since the Electric Power Engineering program is a fantastic program designed to seamlessly combine theory and practice and to provide hands-on reality-based learning experiences, tailored to the students’ professional needs.

Deputy Head
International  Office, NCEPU
PhD Zhang Zhao      

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The Master’s degree program Electrical Power Engineering allows to gain in-depth knowledge and acquire skills in electrical engineering and IT-technologies. The curriculum is designed to make students knowledgeable in different fields: general principles of engineering, heat power engineering, electrical engineering, renewable energy engineering, digital industrial networks, and automated electromechanical systems.

The algorithms-based modeling as well as experimental learning help students to find out more about the inner electrotechnical processes, which eventually increases their competitiveness in the market. The high quality of the program is connected with professionalism of the staff who are mainly Professors and Associate Professors in the field.

The equipment used in the labs will allow students to get the skills needed to successfully find a well-paid job in the global energy sector.

Director Lab SYSTEMS, Ltd. Sergei Kulikov

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Universiti Tenaga Nasional
The Energy University of Malaysia

This letter is in support of the application of South Ural State University (SUSU) for the grant under the RP Ministry of Science and Education with the purpose of developing the website aimed at promotion of an educational program in the Internet.

The Energy University of Malaysia (UNITEN, Universiti Tenaga Nasional) signed the Memorandum of Understanding with South Ural State University (SUSU) in 2018. It is a new university for us, but we have already had a joint international project in Summer 2018. We are glad to stay in partnership with this university, which has shown all the signs of fast and sustainable development for many years.

Tel : +6 03-8921 2020 Fax: +6 03-8921 2119

In Summer 2018, students from UNITEN visited SUSU to learn Electric Power Engineering, and Automation and Control Theory. SUSU provides very professional courses in Automation and Control Engineering, Electric Power Engineering, PLC Engineering, Renewable Energy. Classes were taught in English, and the teaching staff was highly professional and motivated. The students were taught to search for new smart solutions that enable more sustainable energy management. On the one hand, students had the opportunity to share and improve their knowledge, while learning about the most recent, cutting-edge developments in power engineering. On the other hand, they were provided with an excellent opportunity to apply their skills. Of course, it was a great case of cooperation between Russian and Malaysian HEIs, and although it was costly, the flight was long and the climate was different from what we got used to in Kuala- Lumpur the students never regretted the experience. We support SUSU as the university deserving to obtain the grant to design the website for promoting their Electric Power Engineering educational program since SUSU provides diverse learning experience (different methodologies of teaching), great campus with rather developed infrastructure very attractive for students, caring staff, and comprehensive educational programs suitable as advanced study in preparation for work in an academic or industrial environment.

We honestly hope and believe that SUSU’s application will be judged favorably, and more innovative site for SUSU’s Electric Power Engineering Program will be designed.

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