Welcome address from the Rector

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in our Power Engineering Programs.

Chelyabinsk is the center of the Ural industrial region, internationally recognized as the backbone of Russia. SUSU Power Engineering programs were designed to meet the requirements of the national economy to improve energy-efficiency of the regional manufacturing facilities in 1951. Since then we have created a distinctive institutional profile in energy studies by building on existing strengths so that we could advance unique research projects that both address the needs of the region and seek solutions to the problems that confront global society. Today these challenges are connected with digitalization. With IIoT promise to digitalize much of the world’s industries, our programs aim to prepare highly qualified professionals able to integrate electromechnical engineering into industrial automation systems, ready to stand out of the crowd and succeed in a most competitive job market.

SUSU staff are always here to support you, to help you confront the challenges associated with an endeavor of this magnitude and complexity.

I believe in educating a new generation of leaders through innovative, transdisciplinary and project-oriented learning. We have engaged industrial leaders and best universities of the world into joint research and educational programs, including Oxford University, Emerson, Kaspersky, Samsung, Siemens, Konar among others, and we aim to contribute to the world by creating innovative ideas and products with entrepreneurial potential. We show the overlap between electrical and software engineering, teach smart grids, work on sustainable smart town projects and conduct research on distributed energy solutions, energy-efficiency and environmental pollution reduction.  Our graduates are highly-qualified professionals able to come up with the most innovative engineering and management solutions and equipped with skills required by the leading employers in metallurgy, oil and gas industry, grids engineering, industrial safety.  They work for the State Grid Corporation of China, Russian and Chinese Energy Research Institutes of the Academy of Sciences, state electricity and private grid companies, automobile companies, the biggest thermal power plants etc.

SUSU is a diverse academic community of more than 30 000 students with state-of-the-art learning facilities and well qualified staff. Our motto has always been Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam  (I shall either find a way or make one). We are deeply committed to working together.

We hope that one day we will welcome you here. We do believe that SUSU is the right choice. SUSU could be of infinite service to you in order to advance knowledge, to drive innovative discoveries in the areas vital to our world in the years to come and to build a rewarding professional career.

South Ural State University

Aleksandr Shestakov