Student Life

The story of SUSU is not about only good academic reputation, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an infinite capacity for hard work. It is also about memorable experiences, incredible people and tons of student activities to choose from every day.

We do our best to be a home-away-from-home for our international students. With 24 sport clubs, 25 art clubs and numerous student societies SUSU can offer something of interest to almost everyone. The university academic calendar features more than 200 performances and cultural events annually. Our international students are encouraged to take an active part in all these events.

South Ural International Student Association

Currently, SUSU is home for a diverse and intellectually vibrant community of more than 2000 international students from 53 countries. We have created infrastructure to support them. South Ural International Student Association aims to create a vivid atmosphere while helping students make the most of their experience through enriching and engaging events. We enjoy a New Year party 6 times a year, organize Ethnic Food Competitions, Chinese Tea Ceremony Celebration, Days of Arab culture, African culture days,  Diwali,  Tatiana’s Day (Russian Students’ Day), Tet Eve and Thanksgiving. In November 2019, SUSU hosted a three-day Ural Festival of Students (URALFEST) Forum. URAL FEST brought together more than 200 students and alumni from different countries, who chose universities in the Ural region to gain prestigious higher education. It was a celebration of cooperation between West and East, and a perfect illustration of the idea that in such a multicultural and multinational university student life can always be the source of pleasant and memorable experiences.  and SUSU can be regarded as the second home for our international students.

SUSU Buddy Program

SUSU is proud of its buddy program. Tutors work closely with newcomers providing pre-arrival orientation sessions and offering services and assistance with practical matters related to life in Russia upon arrival. For example, they help with registration in the dorms and at the Migration Office, show the newcomers around the city. Student International Center for Cultural Adaptation is committed to organizing activities stimulating cultural awareness and strengthening our international community. One of the programs offered by the Center is Russian Debate Club where students are given the opportunity to improve their Russian language proficiency while discussing the most exciting challenges of contemporary society.


SUSU students and staff participate in dozens of sport activities.  Whether you are willing to try sport professionally, to play on a team with your peers or just to have fun, SUSU has a lot to offer. Our university has one of the most successful Russian athletic programs. You might find it extremely difficult but rewarding experience to get through seven stages of the National Athletic Program  (60 m. sprint,  pullup-pushup, jump rope, long jump, high jump) to finally get an official certification and a special badge. There are many other ways to stay physically active and enjoy sports – hockey, volleyball, archery, skiing, swimming, hiking, aerobics, judo, tennis, basketball, football.

In 2010, SUSU launched the project called Katalitsa, which is extremely popular with SUSU international students with a passion for winter outdoor adventure.  It gives you the chance to enjoy skiing or snowboarding experiences on a mountain range of the Sunny Valley ski resort at discounted prices set by the management especially for SUSU students. After a long day on the velvety slopes, the university bus will take you back to SUSU.

Trips for international students

Our land is the land of the mountain range dividing a continent. It is famous for Arkaim settlement (founded about 4000 years BC), our multiethnic and multicultural society, our stunning natural environment (with more than 3000 lakes, we are called sometimes ‘blue necklace of Russia”), mineral resources, industrial plants, rich history and generous people. Every summer SUSU organizes adrenaline-pumping trips to Cossack and Russian ethnic villages, the local Ilmensky Nature Reserve, the Olymp Summer Recreation Center, or the unique ChelPipe White Metallurgy Center.


SUSU offers excellent opportunities for those looking to enrich their experiences in music, theater, and visual arts. You might choose to take part in the All-Russian Student Spring International Festival, given, of course, you are confident enough to either sing or dance in public. If you need extra-training, then you are welcome to join SUSU University Choir Primavera, International Students Choir, SUSU Dance studio “Deep Vision” , Russian folk dance studio “Uralskoie razdolie”,  SUSU Stand-up comedy club, SUSU photography studio or one of SUSU young music bands who have yet to break into the big time.  There are a lot of choices to make. You choose.