Tuition & Costs


Tuition fee for 2019-entry is 180 000 rubles.


Chelyabinsk is one of the most affordable cities in Russia. Of course, you living costs will vary significantly depending on your lifestyle. The average costs are  estimated to be between 12000-15000 rubles per month.


  Per month (Lower range) Per-month (Upper range)
ACCOMODATION (includes related bills)    
On-campus (dorm) 1300 Rubles 30000 Rubles (university hotel)
Off-campus (apartments) 12000 Rubles 30000 Rubles
FOOD 10000 Rubles 20000 Rubles
SOCIAL ACTIVITIES     – 10000 Rubles
STUDY COSTS 200 Rubles 400 Rubles

You will also need to consider costs related to your travel to and from Chelyabinsk, medical insurance costs (2019 international student medical insurance cost is 6000 rubles per year) and student visa costs.

Food: If you have chosen to eat in the dining-room of the main building the average meal costs around 120-150 rubles. The meal in the Chinese restaurant next to the dormitory costs around 200-300 rubles. Business lunch in Italian or ethnic Russian restaurant (a three-minute walk from the main building) costs 150-250 rubles.

Local transport: The International students’ dormitory is a 5-minute walk from the main building. Yet, if you need to go somewhere, you will pay 100 rubles for a 10-minute taxi ride, or 25 rubles  for a bus ride.